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The Xextex Corp produces AIR X-TEX filters, VMS socks and X-TEX fabric



  • Patented textile designed for the removal of oil

  • Oil sheen and assorted oil viscosities are removed from water

  • The oil is both adsorbed & absorbed into the textile

  • The oil can be reclaimed, and the textile can be reused

(Vault Maintenance System)
a Multistage Filter Sock

  • Scientifically designed filter sock employing the “X-TEX B12” textile

  • Ideal for subterranean removal of wastewater, oils, liquids and waste from underground utility vaults

  • Designed for building sprinkler systems for cleaning out stagnant water. Meets E.P.A. standards for discharge into city sewer systems

Gulf Oil Disaster


X-TEX B12 on fences around estuaries and beach inlets for protection from spilled oil

VMS (Vault Maintenance System)

A commercial multi-stage filtration sock, to remove hydrocarbons and sediments from the water pumped out of underground vaults as part of an ongoing maintenance program.

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