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The Xextex Corporation produces AIR X-TEX HVAC Air Filters, VMS Filter Socks and the X-TEX Textile/fabric

X-TEX B12 Environmental Textile: Test Data and Technical Details


X-TEX B12 is a very efficient, nonpolar, and lipophilic lightweight fiber matrix that adsorbs an average of >20 times its weight of hydrocarbons or vegetable oils in loose fiber form, and >10 times its weight in the textile-blanket form. The material is lightweight, resilient, durable, and formable to various filter shapes.


X-TEX B12 excels at taking hydrocarbons out of water. It remains cohesive while in liquids. Hydrocarbons adhere to X-TEX B12 and are not displaced by water. Oil adsorbed in X-TEX B12 can be reclaimed and both oil and textile can be recycled.

The following are descriptions of bench tests and actual field tests conducted
with X-TEX B12

  • Adsorption/Absorption Capacity of Motor Oil and Vegetable Oil

  • Adsorption of Motor Oil/Diesel Fuel Mixture from Water


  • X-TEX B12, Freeze Test

  • X-TEX B12, Ultraviolet Resistance Test

  • X-TEX-AC-100, Comparison Test for the Removal of Mechanical Oil Emulsions in Water

  • X-TEX-Z-200 Metals Test

  • Observations of X-TEX B12 removing the residual oil sheen

  • Oil Retention Study

  • Oil Sorption Properties of X-TEX B12 vs. Polypropylene for Stormwater Catch Basin Inserts

  • Oil Sorption Properties of X-TEX B12 vs. Competition

  • Physical Test Results, eight-ounce X-TEX B12

  • Phthalate leaching study of Polypropylene and X-TEX B12 fabric

  • Phthalate leaching study of the X-TEX B12 fabric

  • Polypropylene and X-TEX B12 media comparison

  • Removal of Emulsified Oil

  • Vehicle Wash Wastewater Filtration

  • X-TEX B12 Sorbent’s Potential Environmental Impact

  • Ash Test

If you are interested in any particular test data, please contact us.

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