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The Xextex Corporation produces AIR X-TEX HVAC Air Filters, VMS Filter Socks and the X-TEX Textile/fabric

X-TEX B12, Versatile Environmental Textile for Oil Removal

Applications and Facts

X-TEX B12 environmental textile is extremely versatile for oil removal in fresh or salt water. Several companies produce a myriad of products from our basic fabric. While there is no substitute for education and prevention, X-TEX B12 provides superior solutions for real-life water problems.

Our product can perform alone and it also combines well with many other technologies. It is easy to work with and is cost-effective. Indoors or out, X-TEX B12 can function at extremes with a freeze point of minus 65 degrees Celsius. It also has an excellent UV rating for long-term outdoor exposure.

To facilitate oil removal strategies X-TEX B12 is produced in five-foot-wide rolls by 250 running feet long, 3/16 inch thick, and 12 ounces of fiber per square yard. This is our most popular size, although widths can be made up to 15.33 feet (roadbed size) and at any length with thicknesses to 1.5 inches.

X-TEX B12 is produced from our patented formula of clean synthetic manufacturing waste & virgin fiber. Oils can easily be reclaimed for recycling, and the fabric can be used many times. Spent X-TEX B12 can be incinerated as a fuel source with higher BTUs than coal and less than one percent residual ash. This is sustainability at its best!

Chemical Treatments

  • Our textile provides a platform and delivery system for chemicals and compounds for specific removal targets

Construction and Manufacturing

  • Commonly used under heavy equipment and machinery as a sorbent for hydraulic fluid and oil leaks and spills
  • Fine particle removal from wastewater
  • Filters oils and sediment at storm drain entry sights
  • Ideal as a superior silt fence fabric
  • Provides BMP controls
  • Removes petroleum contaminates and sheen in sumps
  • Retrofitting of oil and water separators to bring them into compliance with current regulations

Fracking Wastewater or Brine

  • X-TEX B12 filters hydrocarbons and particulates from wastewater

General Applications

  • A pretreatment for reclaiming wastewater
  • A low-cost pretreatment for membrane filtration
  • Fine sheen removal
  • Used in cartridges for oil removal
  • Roadbed liner for asphalt separation from the subsoil
  • Landfill protective refuse liner for long-term absorption of oils
  • Garbage truck bed liner to prevent leakage of oils on roadways


  • Oil spills, including every type of oil and viscosity
  • Shoreline protection in the event of an oil spill
  • Booms for containing oil spills and for clean up
  • Drilling platforms; used in cartridges for filtering “process water” before it is discharged into the ocean satisfying compliance of international laws
  • De-oiling of water in ship ballast tanks
  • Filtering oil from bilge water
  • Dock curtains of X-TEX B12 for hydrocarbon cleanup
  • Hydrocarbon (oil) sheen elimination


  • X-TEX B12 is used by the US Navy, the US Coast Guard, and the US Air Force for maintenance, oil spills, and oil leaking from land-based storage facilities.
  • US Army Corps of Engineers uses X-TEX B12 as a final polish for discharge water from oil-water separators before entering Puget Sound of Washington state.

Oil Industry

  • Wrapping oil transmitting pipelines
  • Oil spills on waterways and oceans
  • Protection around tanks and storage areas
  • Protection when transferring and transporting oil products
  • Filtering refinery wastewater
  • Filtering drilling platform process water

Power Utilities and Dams

  • Electrical substation groundwater protection in case of a transformer oil spill
  • Turbines, employed at dams for power generation, leak oil. X-TEX B12 is used to bring discharge water into compliance if ‘parts per million’ exceed regulations

Restaurants and Food Handling Facilities

  • Filtering oils in floor drain grease traps
  • Filtering oils from mop water before disposal
  • Absorbing rooftop oils around grill exhaust fans and vents
  • Filtering oils from downspout discharge water

Stormwater and Surface Water

  • End of the pipe solution for sewer water discharge (especially on beaches)
  • Stormwater filtration using basin inserts made from X-TEX B12
  • Surface water infiltration protection
  • Superior erosion control
  • Provides a final polish and sheen removal for surface water runoff
  • Greatly improves the performance of oil-water separators


  • Vehicle wash facilities; for trucks, buses, and heavy equipment

  • Railroad; used for oil absorption between tracks and under engines to catch dripping oil

  • Airports; in ‘zipper drains’. X-TEX B12 absorbs oil runoff from the tarmac. It is also used in maintenance hangers and for oil spills.

  • Fire Departments; used for Hazmat response with many other applications in the department

VMS (Vault Maintenance System),
a Multistage Filter Sock

  • Scientifically designed filter sock employing the “X-TEX B12” textile

  • Ideal for subterranean removal of wastewater, oils, liquids and waste from underground utility vaults

  • Designed for building sprinkler systems for cleaning out stagnant water. Meets E.P.A. standards for discharge into city sewer systems

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