The DeSilva Island Project

DeSilva IslandDeSilva Island is located on San Francisco Bay with a spectacular view of the Golden Gate Bridge and the constant boat traffic. The DeSilva Island project is located in a 31-acre nature preserve complete with a massive bird estuary. “It never rains in California”, as the song goes, didn’t hold true during October of 2001, as torrential rains in San Francisco lasted for over a week. Construction on the DeSilva Island project was halted by the deluge that was creating major run-off problems, run-off that flowed directly in to San Francisco Bay and the bird estuary. There were storm drains in place in the new roadbeds but they were well above the first coating of asphalt and missed the run-off flow completely. The run-off contained large amounts of spilled hydraulic fluids and oils left behind by heavy earth moving equipment, and that combined with the oils in the newly installed asphalt road beds was forming a mixture that was creating a major environmental disaster.  Dave Bettis Environmental Project Engineer desperately searched for a product or company that would help solve his problem. Meanwhile crews were digging pits to catch the run-off and pump it up to higher ground. A variety of watchdog groups were on the scene along with the EPA, all observing Dave’s progress, which seemed to be a losing battle.

Through a mutual friend, Dave found out about X-TEX, a material that was able to remove hydrocarbons on contact and act as a geotextile to help with his erosion problem at the same time.  Both loose form X-TEX for booms and socks, and the newly created X-TEX blanket were sent to the site over night.

Dave’s crew installed the X-TEX blanket and booms to meet the run-off head on. Dave stated, “It was like a miracle. The X-TEX worked extremely well and it was easy to install. Efforts paid off completely. A major disaster was averted! X-TEX’s performance was outstanding, and above all it worked, it really worked, it took the oil out of the water on contact!”

Dave Bettis Environmental Project Engineer, DeSilva Island, San Francisco, California as told to Jerry Brownstein, The Xextex Corporation, USA. November 2001


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